What are you looking up here for?

Welcome to my personal site!

This has been in the plans for a while, and now that I've been making glitter gifs over on tumblr I finally got around to it.

I've been putting tooltips on some of the images, so make sure to mouse over things (or long press on mobile). I figured out how to make the scarf code work for my site, and I've updated every page to have them now! Currently only the one to the left has a link, but the one to the right will as well once I've got that page up and going.
The shrine page for Tallulah Casey is up but still a little under construction, I'm planning to write a synopsis of each of the books sometime soon.

I tested whether or not the shrine links work on mobile and they did for me, but if they don't for you, you can find the shrine page for The Deep here and the page for Tallulah Casey here.

Let me know what you think of my site!