What are you looking up here for?


Dolls made with bases!

Dollmaker Dollz!

These are made with Dollmakers, which are sites that you can drag and drop bits around on. Clicking on these will take you to the site I used to make them.

KiSS Dolls!

These are made with the Kisekae Set System, or KiSS. They're distrubuted as .LZH archives and you need a KiSS viewer to use them. I use Direct KiSS 1.1.1, which you can find on Otakuworld (I've linked it in the sidebar). It works on Windows 10, but I can't guarantee it works on Windows 11.

Old Stuff

A lot of my pixel dolls were never actually uploaded, and I lost them when I accidentally knocked a cup of tea onto my old laptop. This one was the only survivor, because I was proud enough to upload it to my deviantart account.

I was also active in a very template based community on DeviantArt for a while called SSMU. The community still posts every now and then, but I haven't in a few years because life got in the way. All my old SSMU dolls are still up, and I made quite a few templates too. This was the original dollmaker who started it all, and everything spiralled from her.